Dentists & Staff at Active Smile Evesham Worcestershire

Our Dental Team

Our dentists, dental nurses, and reception staff will always aim to provide the highest standard of care and service for our patients.

It is out policy for each patient to see one dentist on a continuing basis. However, if this is not possible, for any reason, alternative arrangements will be made for patients to see someone else within the practice.

The members of our dental team are:

Our Dental Practitioners all of who offer both NHS and private treatments

Claire Farrell - qualified from Manchester and has worked at the practice since 1988. - GDC No 62636

Kamila Szuberska - qualified from Poznan in 2001, joined the practice in 2006. - GDC No 101538 .. read more..

Kiran Hanji – principle dentist qualified in London. - GDC No 82266

Adrian Andruszko – qualified Lek Stom Wroclaw 1992, joined the practice in 2016 - GDC No 102446

Maria Sullivan - qualified BChD Leeds 2001, joined the practice in 2016 - GDC No 79445

Samita Saul – qualified in 2010 joined the practice in February 2012 - GDC No 202889

Melinda Sprake - qualified Birmingham 1981, joined the practice in 2012 - GDC No 55965

Andrew Philpott - qualified Bristol 1969, joined the practice in 2013 - GDC No 43767


We are fortunate to have 2 dental hygienists at our practice

Jo Evans-Astley - qualified from Birmingham, joined the practice in 2003

Angela Coleman - CEB Cert in Dental Hygiene 1977, joined the practice in 2016


Each of our surgeries works with a dedicated support team, which includes 7 nurses and 3 receptionist staff who are supervised by our practice manager Judith Morris.

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